One of those “scams” Eh!

Within the past 4 days, I’ve heard from hundreds of people about me joining Vemma. Most of these people are the same individuals, that said I would never make a dollar in #visalus or any other venture. One thing people don’t realize is I’ve been a STRONG member of numerous opportunities over the years. I just don’t publicly show my success like others to make myself feel good. I’ve partnered with many people over the last 5 years, who have all gone on to earn multiple six and seven figure incomes inside our niche called Make Money Online or Biz Opp To be honest, I am the driving force behind many of these Top Earners who walk across stages, do keynote speakers and dominate the industry. Again, I don’t need to post these things as I really don’t care too.

What sparked this post was these people saying to me,you’re involved in a SCAM. LOL!

This has to be the craziest thing I have ever heard in my life. People these days, resort to the word Scam when they don’t understand something or can’t figure out how to accomplish the same results as the person they’re talking to. I’ve heard people calling webinars a scam, yet I’ve been able to make millions from hosting a webinar. People say, email marketing is a scam, yet again I have made millions from this.

We live in 2015 everything is a scam if you want it to be. When something involves working a little bit or investing in your success, the immature mind will also resort to the saying it’s a scam. Personally, I think working for someone else, getting up at 8am and driving to a place you hate A SCAM!

There are millions of people who call Network Marketing a scam, so what’s the key component to their conclusion.

They hear a pitch that says, get all your friends, family, and co-workers over to your house and pitch them hard. You’ll make insane amounts of money, this way and won’t have to work again.

It’s true! I will not deny that this does work.

But we live in a day that everyone has a computer, phone or some mobile device. So the days of hard pitching are over. Over the years, marketing has evolved, the days of standing in front of a crowd and selling your opportunity don’t have to be.

The Truth: Yes, There are scams out there, they look and smell like great opportunities. But people are still joining them daily and guess what, making money.

I would never invest in an opportunity that I didn’t investigate thoroughly. Generally, we spend a few weeks looking at compensation plans, products and the people who are involved with that company. As such, I have never lost money nor been unable to recover and make money at that opportunity. Anything that has a chance of making you money is a scam to people. Many people call Casinos a scam, yet I know people who have full-time careers playing blackjack and slots. How many people call the stock market a scam or selling cars, or even using a bank.

The real reason these people call things a scam is clear to me. Its starts with their upbring and background in self-employment. They Are truthfully not secure enough in their mind to understand, you don’t have to work a 9 to 5 in order to achieve a great life. When they hear selling attached to an opportunity, they immediately get scared. Their mind flips out, telling them, you will without a doubt fail. So, the first thing that comes out of their mouth fueled by the mind is SCAM. These are the same people that continue to work for the MAN without ever allowing themselves to actually try something else. They have no focus and can’t even begin to understand how Millionaires are made not have a J.O.B.

At the end of the day, everything we do is an MLM or NETWORK MARKETING opportunity. I don’t care if you pump gas, flip burgers or even play hockey. There is a level system involved, you work your ass off to get a promotion or wage increase, but rarely see it. (sound familiar)

So, next time you think something is a scam, do the following:

1. Look for the opportunity, compare the products with whats available on the market publicly (ie. Walmart,target, etc)

2. Google the owners and their past experiences with owning a company.

3. Look at all the people who are promoting the opportunity and see if any of them are making money.

4. Attach yourself to a proven leader, someone who already has success and has moved up the ranks. This way you can duplicate the methods they’ve.

Finally, Do Not Ever call something a scam. Unless it’s been exposed as a scam by the FTC or Government. It will bite you in the ass!


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